"Poppet is the alter-ego of artist/musician Molly Raney. Her effervescent creativity is immediately apparent to the uninitiated attending a performance for the first time: the hyper-color onesies, the ferocious yet finely focused movements, and the titanic vocal prowess come together in a fantastic display."

 William Lewis Bennet, Bed of Roses

"Part performance art, part musical act, the best way to describe a Poppet show is that it lies somewhere between Kraftwerk, Nintendo 64 video game soundtracks, Dirty Projectors, and Grimes."

 Sam Ribakoff, SF Weekly

"Molly Raneyon her own as Poppet, and recently with an accompanying dancercrafts her stage show with loving care. Creating loops from keyboard riffs, drum machines, and vocals, Raney frees herself to be a magnetic presence, using her entire body to navigate the stage. Poppets art-pop is intellectual and emotional, swelling with feeling as its nimble lyrics interact with Raneys physicality. She performs her songs, acts them out, with every fiber of her being, creating a show from which its impossible to look away."

 Adam McKinney, Oly Arts

"Her shows are true performances, with operatic singing complemented by dramatic costumes and interpretive dance. On this evening, she walked out in stiff, flashy, kimonoesque pants, a leotard and a black scarf covering her face. The room was captivated, and then she proceeded to create a full, futuristic electro-pop sound with a keyboard and live looping."

 Janelle Bitker, Sacramento News and Review

"Songs such as Fanatical Bird Dance flit through the mind’s vision like a loosed sprite […] Others are shaped of a markedly different vapor […] In between is the full specturm of joy and despair, naiveté and jadedness, recklessness and refinement, that paints a portrayal of an aritist willing to reveal the innermost."

 Andrew C. Russel, Submerge Magazine

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